My MX-5 … Better Braking, Less Weight

The last, for now at least, of my major mods is complete. Today’s work was installing the Little Big Brake Kit from Flyin’ Miata – new Wilwood calipers, stainless brake lines and aluminum lug nuts went on all four corners.

I’m running BP-20X pads up front and BP-10 pads in the rear for the street plus I have BP-40’s and BP-20X’s standing by for the track. Last on the task list was a complete brake fluid flush with fresh Redline RL-600 DOT 4 replacing the OEM DOT 3.

Interestingly, the first thing I noticed as I headed out to bed the new pads had nothing to do with braking, rather it was a noticeable improvement in ride quality.

A big advantage of the new components is shedding six pounds in unsprung weight per wheel up front and four pounds per in the back, and my what a difference that makes just cruising down the highway.

As to the braking performance, it’s early on obviously, but after systematically bedding the new pads and then giving them an hour to cool down, I took a moderate blast around some back roads and I am very pleased with the swap. The pedal feels firm and solid, and the stiffness of the calipers is noticeable under hard braking. In fact, I was able to extend my braking points on a couple select corners by an impressive distance.

I’ll update this post after a couple hundred road miles and a few track days, but for now I have absolutely no reservations about recommending this mod for anybody looking to up their braking performance, while shedding some serious unsprung weight.

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