My MX-5 … Raceseng Prolix Shift Knob

I admit my opinion can be influenced when I receive a product that uses packaging almost as nice as my Rolex came in … it’s simply a sign of seriousness toward your own products.

There’s no doubt that a shift knob may be one of the most personal of all accessory decisions … fit, finish and feel all factor into how each individual driver views their own selection. In my case I just installed a Raceseng Prolix black textured shift knob today and simply could not be happier.

After a thousand miles it become clear to me that I was looking for a knob that was just a bit taller than stock, had increased mass over factory, and that would still fit like the OEM part. I found everything I wanted in the Raceseng knob.

I did follow the installation guide, but since I did not get a gate engraving I did not put the flat head screw in the top of the adapter because alignment of the knob did not matter to me and that allowed the new knob to sit a bit tighter on top of the stock boot.

From a performance perspective, a moderate drive this afternoon made it very clear that the increased mass makes for much smoother and faster shifts, both up and down, plus the slightly larger diameter feels better in my hand than the factory knob.

All in, this mod is an easy one to recommend and I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with every aspect of my purchase from Raceseng.

3 thoughts on “My MX-5 … Raceseng Prolix Shift Knob

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  1. Two questions: 1) why the textured finish? I’m thinking black gloss because I don’t think my hand will ever slip. I’ve used gloss shifters for years and never slipped off the shifter. And, 2) does this get hotter than the stock knob when parked in the sun? Thanks.

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