My MX-5 … Progress Springs, Lower Sure Ain’t Slower

Glued to the road, well that is one way to say it but I’m not sure it does this latest mod justice. Today was Progress spring day, along with new bump stops, and in addition to the previous handling mods this continues to be a whole new car.

After installing the new springs, the measurement, from wheel center to the fender lip, with my neighbors sitting in both seats, is 13.5 inches. Without anybody in the cockpit the front is a fraction more and the rear is a bit higher than the front. Overall, that’s about one inch lower than stock.

We tweaked the alignment just a touch from the previous settings with minus 1.2 degrees in camber, front and rear, left the toe-in at .07 degrees, and set the caster up front to 7 degrees. Still aggressive but not full-blown track settings. I’m going to give it abut 500 miles and then we’ll evaluate the setup.

From a handling perspective there is a definite improvement in hard cornering – it didn’t take me long to find some twisty country roads – and the car does track even better on a straight roadway.

From a cosmetic perspective, the car just looks better without as much open space in the wheel wells, though I guess that’s a matter of personal preference, so my readers can be their own judge.

From an overall perspective, I am quite pleased with the effects of the new springs plus the previous suspension mods I made … just a few more mods left, but I continue to feel more alive with every passing modification, and this was no exception.

6 thoughts on “My MX-5 … Progress Springs, Lower Sure Ain’t Slower

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    1. With the lower ride height it’s suggested you either cut down the stock bump stops or install new ones designed to use with the Progress springs. I opted for the new ones and they fit perfectly and I’ve had no problems with them.

  1. Are you still happy with your Progress springs plus FM swaybar setup on your ND? I’m looking to do the exact same on my 2019 Club RF, keeping the stock Bilstein shocks.

    1. Yes, still very pleased. I have tweaked the alignment specs to increase the camber to -1.6 degrees on all corners and dropped back to 6 degrees of caster. Toe is the same.

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