My MX-5 … DRL Harness by MX5 Things

Today’s mod adds some serious impact to the front end, in addition to the Carbon Miata Spyder Grille, but this one is a nighttime enhancement, the MX5 Things daytime running lights (DRL) harness.

This little piece of genius from Sergey is a reasonably easy, though not quite as easy as some may say, modification that overrides the factory settings, so your running lights stay on when the headlights are flipped on, either automatically or manually.

The effect is dramatic and quite appealing, at least in my opinion.

For more info, check out Sergey’s blog post, and for more information about the installation process check out this Facebook thread. Honestly, I didn’t find the process quite as easy as some make it out to be, but it is not overly difficult, and it’s well worth the effort if you want your fangs out at night.

A note of thanks to Ron Cook and Noah Mason for all their input (expand the thread on Facebook) about the installation, its peccadillos, and the result. I could have struggled through, but the effort was made easier with their insightful ideas. Thanks guys!

Oft times, night times, are the best times … with this mod, I think that’s absolutely right.

2 thoughts on “My MX-5 … DRL Harness by MX5 Things

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  1. I agree, awesome appearance mod! I ended up cutting a slot in the foam to remove the nut rather than trying to pull it out of the way, much easier and no real impact on the intended use of the foam block. Love you blog!

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