My MX-5 … Carbon Miata Spyder Grille

Last mod was on the rear, adding the Hush-O-Matic active exhaust, so it’s only fair to give the front end a nice upgrade in the form of the Carbon Miata Spyder Grille.

While I know many have made this modification themselves, I opted to have my dealer’s body shop do the swap. It cost me a couple hundred dollars, but they did an amazing job of cutting the old OEM grille off the upper bumper support and cleaning it up, so it looks almost like a factory part. I’ve still got the rigidity in the bumper plus some added airflow, and an awesome new look to the front of my black beauty.

Here’s a few before and after pics.

Performance mods are great, and I have more coming, but cosmetic ones can have a major impact that turns heads … and I already got several compliments today alone.

3 thoughts on “My MX-5 … Carbon Miata Spyder Grille

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  1. The grille looks awesome! One of the better cosmetic mods? I did mine myself, took a couple hrs start to finish. I’m sure the body shop did a great job!

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