My MX-5 … Flyin’ Miata Hush-O-Matic Exhaust

First significant mod was done today, and I couldn’t be happier. Off came OEM exhaust, back of the midpipe, and on went a Hush-O-Matic active exhaust from Flyin’ Miata.

I wanted something with more growl than stock but wasn’t looking to get too loud, and this package is just right.

At idle and lower revs, the difference is minimal but the HOM has more throat. But as the revs hit the power band, especially from 6,000 RPM to redline, the baffle fully opens and it’s basically straight pipes.

At higher revs there is a noticeable difference and that is music to my ears.

The quality of the system is outstanding, and it looks terrific. I had the installation done at the dealership where I bought my ND and the tech commented about how easy the job was, though it helps to have a full-service shop at your disposal.

I must give Chris and Cody at Freysinger Mazda in Mechanicsburg, PA a big shout out. They were great to work with on my first “service” visit, and Billy did an outstanding job on the installation. Thanks guys for the exceptional customer service!

If you’re looking for that happy place in the – this exhaust is too quiet, this exhaust is too loud, this exhaust is just right – arena, then I highly recommend the Hush-O-Matic active exhaust system. For me, it’s exactly what I wanted.

The audio doesn’t do the true sound justice but it’s close. This is from behind the car at a standstill, so it’s from idle up to just under 5,500 RPM.

The real song on the road starts above this range at 6,000 RPM and reaches a beautiful crescendo at 7,500 RPM … and that song is a very catchy tune.

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