My MX-5 … Factory Sound Tube Removal

If you know what is missing in the photo above, then you know what mod I completed today along with the CravenSpeed door bushings.

The missing item is the factory sound tube that runs from an intake vacuum line to the firewall. I suppose the idea is to add to the zoom-zoom you hear inside the car, but I have to say that removing the sound tube makes things far more pleasant to me in the cockpit.

I ordered the kit from Moss Miata, aptly named the Sound Tube Delete Kit, and it took me less than 30 minutes to quiet the interior down nicely. The added plus is I should be able to hear my new Hush-O-Matic exhaust system, being installed this coming week, better and that’s the sound I want to hear.

If you’re going to make this mod, check out the tip, at the bottom of this post, that’ll save you some aggravation and time.

Feeling alive is a great thing but I’m not sure that must include engine noise in the cabin. This modification – or deletion – muted the interior noise so I can hear the growl of my new exhaust system and not the whine of the engine when I’m buckled in and running up through the gears. Some times less is more.



I relied on this video from Kill-O-Byte for most of my modification, and I had the sound tube and OEM cap removed in less than ten minutes, but then it took me another 20 minutes to complete the job. The time consuming task was actually getting the cap out of the hose in the kit from Moss Miata. Had it not been for this challenge, I’d had the whole job done in less than 15 minutes.

So my tip is this … after wrestling with the cap while holding the ring clamp open with channel-locks and still not being able to pull the cap from the hose, I took a utility knife and cut the hose away below the cap, slid the ring clamp off the bottom, and popped the cap out of the hose piece.

With the cap removed it took less than five minutes to insert the cap in the OEM hose in the vehicle and connect the vacuum line, and the job was done.

Obviously you can remove the OEM hose from the vehicle and use the entire assembly in the Moss Miata kit, but I saw no reason to replace an OEM part with an OEM part. That’s a choice you can make for yourself, and maybe it makes sense if you have an older model.

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