My MX-5 … Better Braking, Less Weight

The last, for now at least, of my major mods is complete. Today’s work was installing the Little Big Brake Kit from Flyin’ Miata – new Wilwood calipers, stainless brake lines and aluminum lug nuts went on all four corners. I’m running BP-20X pads up front and BP-10 pads in the rear for the street... Continue Reading →

My MX-5 … Mods Part One

I’m close to 1,000 miles on my 2019 Mazda MX-5 RF GTS so it seems like a good time to review what’s been done, and what is yet to come. So, without further ado here’s what I’ve done so far. First Gear - We’re Just Getting Started CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna Craven Speed Door Bushings Second... Continue Reading →

My MX-5 … DRL Harness by MX5 Things

Today’s mod adds some serious impact to the front end, in addition to the Carbon Miata Spyder Grille, but this one is a nighttime enhancement, the MX5 Things daytime running lights (DRL) harness. This little piece of genius from Sergey is a reasonably easy, though not quite as easy as some may say, modification that... Continue Reading →

My MX-5 … CravenSpeed Door Bushings

Today was the first decent weather we’ve had in this area in a couple weeks, so I took some time to give my MX-5 a quick cleaning – outside and inside – and knocked out a couple of modifications. The first one today was to replace the door bushings with the CravenSpeed replacements. The entire... Continue Reading →

My MX-5 … CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna

The first aftermarket tweak was a small one – financially and literally – but a satisfying one from an aesthetic perspective. The OEM antenna is a longer, whippy kind of thing that is honestly not the most attractive hanging off the back of your shiny new MX-5. But have no fear, for just $25 from... Continue Reading →

Paris Fashion Week …Street Style

I wrote before that my personal style trends toward the classic-for-gentlemen look, but when it comes to ladies’ fashion I appreciate and enjoy a wide range of designers’ works. However, when New York, Paris, Milan, et al roll around some of the best fashion can be seen on the streets of these fashion meccas. Here... Continue Reading →

Paris Fashion Week … Hair Artistry

My tastes for my personal fashion run to what I call “gentleman’s classic” or what some in the fashion industry may well refer to as boring. I take pride in how I dress, and I wear top brands almost exclusively but I’m 61 and living a real, professional life not 22 strutting on a runway... Continue Reading →

Sushi Heaven

I’m an immense sushi fan – from the very serviceable fresh stuff my local supermarket chef puts out daily to the blow-it-out experience of dining at Masa in New York Center – I need no prodding. If you too are a sushi lover and find yourself in The Big Apple with a few – okay,... Continue Reading →

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